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Long story short

We are experts in procurement and contract negotiation, supplier performance management and supply chain best practice. Our members of The Buying Group from around New Zealand purchase a broad range of categories, and our low prices reflect the total expenditure through The Buying Group.

In short, The Buying Group provides leverage in terms of pricing and service.  Leverage gives you a bigger bang for your buck.  Based on the analysis of past members’ savings, a dollar spent with The Buying Group provides savings on your procurement expenses of $10.  And in today’s economic climate, every dollar counts and has to be well spent.

Our ideal members are medium-to-large commercial or industrial businesses, whom have a large expenditure in packaging, safety equipment/clothing, engineering, electrical, fuel, stationery, amongst others.  The prices that we have obtained for individual items in the above categories can be up to 40% lower than what you are paying now.

The industries we specialise in include general manufacturing and industrial, food processing, transport, marine, sawmilling and wood processing, where our focus and effort on helping our members in those industries has resulted in our selection as their preferred buying group.  

Our Objectives

The Buying Group aims to deliver:

  • a significant reduction of our member’s total procurement expenditure;
  • ongoing price reductions as total group expenditure through The Buying Group increases;
  • more effective management of preferred supplier relationships, so less hassles trying to sort out problems and elimination of time wasting visits by sales reps;
  • a significant reduction in administration and transaction costs through consolidation of suppliers.
  • improvements in product quality, delivery, lead-time and responsiveness, leading to more productive staff.

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

Our Team

The Buying Group was founded by Malcolm Anderson in 1999, when he was responsible for Sealord Group’s supply chain.  He saw an opportunity in New Zealand for like-minded businesses to work together to reduce their purchasing costs, and could see the value of whole supply chains working together so that they could compete successfully on the international stage. Out of this concept, The Buying Group was born.

A couple of years later, after a successful career in sales and procurement with Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited and Westpac, Glynne Suckling joined him to help expand The Buying Group into other industry segments.

Malcolm Anderson

Glynne Suckling
General Manager

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