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How our first few years determined who we would serve the best

It would be fair to say that when we first started our company, we didn’t have a clear idea of what type of client we could provide the most value to. Malcolm had initially created the company to work on Sealord’s supply chain and he was heavily involved in working with those businesses.

The reason Malcolm worked on this approach was the realisation that Sealord was competing on the world stage to sell its fish. And it was clear that the long term success of any fish products company would rely in part on having an efficient, streamlined and low cost supply chain. From the sea to supermarket, Sealord would need to be better than its competitors if it wanted to remain profitable in the long term.

So that’s why Malcolm started up this company. To combine the purchasing power of Sealord and its suppliers for a range of consumable goods and services that were common to them all.

Glynne gets onboard

One year later, I joined the business. At that point we could both see that this business model didn’t have to be restricted to just the Sealord supply chain. In fact, it could quite easily fit into other industry segments within NZ. So I put most of my efforts into everything other than the marine industry. And I worked with anyone that feigned even the slightest interest.
Clients ranged in size from small two-man bands to corporates. The sectors included education (polytechnics, high schools), engineering, food processors, forestry and wood products, hospitality (hotels), manufacturers, marine, retail, trades (electrical, building, plumbing), tourism, and transport.

Narrowing our focus

As we grew, it became obvious that there were certain business segments that we can add a lot of value to quickly. And I mean A LOT of value. To the extent that we are recognised by many business leaders as their procurement experts.

The segments to which we were having the biggest impact and delivering the highest value were those that had large industrial sites. This is because they generally were the largest purchasers of various consumables, and area of speciality for us.

So we cut back on the breadth of our client base, and went deeper into the following selected segments:

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